Accurately build your retail wine experience around every customer's unique taste

Taste intelligence for enterprise wine retailers

Taste MPR is the smartest way to retail wine. Accurately understand the taste of each customer & each wine, to drive customer value and efficiency across your enterprise. Our taste-as-a-service platform unlocks a new era of intelligence in wine personalization and customer taste data, through to procurement.

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Groundbreaking personalization

Designed for enterprise

20 years of expert R&D

Woman buying wine on mobile phone
Wine product search "White wine"
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Stephen Wong MW

Master of Wine & co-founder

20 years of expert R&D

Behind Taste MPR is a proprietary system developed by Stephen Wong MW, one the World’s leading wine experts. And no, it doesn’t rely on robot noses, labs or letting A.I. “work it all out”.
"Our technology enables anyone to have a wonderfully personal, easy and enjoyable wine experience. We want everyone to get the best of wine without needing to "learn" wine."
Verified review

“Loved every wine I was matched with!”

Sarah A., United States

Verified review

"Like going to my favorite wine bar but better."

Jake R., United States

Verified review

"As a wine geek... impressive selections"

Christopher S., United States

Verified review

"Makes trying new wines fun and easy!"

Madison O., United States

Verified review

"so quick and easy to find new & interesting wines"

Zachary A., United States

Easy, instant personalization

Your customers get expertly and accurately personalized wine recommendations every time they shop your website. No more overloaded and overwhelmed, just easy and inspiring.

World-class sommelier logic

Works with any wine in the world

Learns each customer individually

Stunningly accurate

Taste MPR has been tested in e-commerce on real customers, with the some world's most unusual wine styles and achieved some extremely impressive results.

Avg. drinker experience review
Refunded bottles - "free refund" during retail testing

Taste-tailored touchpoints

API endpoints allow your business to build your wine experience around each customer's taste no matter how they might connect with you. Insert real-time selections of wine, that each customer will love, into email, txt, apps, advertising, interactive kiosks and more.



Retargeting ads

Retail media

Your customer service superpower

With customizable API integrations you can make all of your customer service team an instant expert in any customer's unique palate. Taste MPR generates perfect recommendations in the blink of an eye, so neither your team nor your customers are left guessing. It removes the need for customers to explain their taste in wine.

Integrate with CS solutions

Reduce costs & efficiently scale expertise

Increase service effectiveness

Even your experts will love it

Our technology takes the hassle out of wine for even your most expert customers. Any new wines hitting your retail platform can be instantly matched with your most experienced drinkers. Help them confidently find the right bottle faster.

It's not magic.
It's Taste MPR.

Revolutionize your wine business & turn shoppers into lifetime customers.

Knows the taste of every wine

Our proprietary sensory self-assessment creates unrivaled first-party product taste data, to understand the exact taste of every bottle you sell.

Tracks every customer's palate

Our Palate Mapping system creates high-fidelity unique palate “fingerprints” in our revolutionary new palate data structure.

Learns from customer product ratings

Feedback is simple, fast and fun for customers. With each rating Taste MPR learns and evolves for each customer.

More valuable happy customers

Frictionless wine shopping

Customers will love how easy wine becomes with Taste MPR. Overwhelmed has left the building, and hassle-free is here!

Shopping with confidence

Give your customers confidence in every bottle they add to cart and see your conversion rate take on a new lease of life.

Engaged, not enraged

The more customers rate their wines the better it gets for them. What better reason to keep coming back again, and again.

Earn ultimate loyalty

Retain customers longer by building strong and trusted relationships as the only true expert in their taste. Hello CLTV!